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I am the Cameron Frye to Rebecca Elliott’s Ferris Bueller: she’s my hero.

She compiled a nice little list of pundits making grandiose claims about the centrist equivalent of seasteading, Americans Elect, which after delaying their schedule of implementation by several planting seasons features a front-runner who is a mere 9,700 votes shy of getting the 10,000 votes needed to become the Americans Elect candidate.  Frye did little summarizing of the pundits’ views toward Americans Elect and just let the their words speak for themselves beneath tasteful photos.

Several of those characteristics will be kept in this post and several will not.

Dammit! Works every time

I love the way they use that word “if.
It’s like the centrist catechism: repeat it enough times and all your sins will be wiped clean.

As the sailor said to the native girl, there’s much more below: 

Aren’t all centrists just like Eeyore?
“Thanks for noticin’ me”

Shouldn’t someone who looks like Trotsky be better at leading a social movement?

This one’s my favorite.
I hate when lovers lull me into a stupor with sweet talk denigrating political extremists and then hurt me more than the extremists would have.

Poor guy

Won’t do you any good, son. You need to get right with yourself and your god. Ain’t no-one can do it for you.
Gratuitous reference to the wisdom found in Infinite Jest: you have to use the cliches to work through the pain, not avoid it.